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Player Profile: Allie Thunstrom...

By Staff, 12/09/12, 12:30PM CST


Allie Thunstrom, Ms. Hockey 2006, member of the USA national team since 2010, member of Midway speed skating and currently playing for the Minnesota Whitecaps. Allie grew up in Maplewood, MN where she attended North St. Paul High School. After high school she played for Boston College where she majored in Psychology and Pre Med. While at Boston College she also participated on the Women’s Softball team.  She is now girls hockey coach for North St. Paul high school as well as working on her CPA with an aspiration of either owning her own CPA firm or working for the FBI.

Q and A with Allie Thunstrom..
Q: How did you become interested in hockey?
AT: I have 2 older brothers and they were always playing hockey either in the street or at the park and I wanted to be just like them and play with them. I begged my parents until they let me join in.

Q: How did you go about becoming Ms. Hockey 2006?
AT: Becoming Ms. Hockey was an incredible honor. It was the culmination of my high school career. I have to give all the credit to my teammates, parents, and coaches, though. Because without them there's no way I would have been able to accomplish anything.

Q: How did you manage playing two sports in college?
AT: Playing two sports in college was definitely interesting! I was very, very busy! In the fall I was allowed to fully participate in both hockey and softball, so I would typically have 2 practices per day and softball  games on the weekend. Once we played our first game for hockey I wasn't able to play ball anymore, except a few practices here and there. I would miss the first 10-20 games of the softball season while we finished our hockey season. It was fun to visit different places and operate at a less intense pace than with hockey!
Q: Do enjoy coaching Women’s hockey at the same high school you went too?
AT: Coaching is something I never really envisioned myself getting into, but the more I am around my team at North St. Paul the more I enjoy it. I want to provide these girls with the opportunities I had and allow them to have a positive experience.

Q: How do you manage coaching along with focusing on your own game?
AT: Managing coaching and playing is pretty easy. It is actually really helpful for me to analyze what my players are doing and seeing how that could affect my game. Playing also opens up different ideas for coaching. They both have positive effects on each other!
Q: Who introduced you to speed skating?
AT: After I graduated from college I was looking for something to do because I missed being busy. My mom came up with the idea that I should try speed skating. I ended up joining Midway speed skating and loved it. It's definitely very different from anything I've ever done, the stride is different, training is different, etc. but it has been amazing!

Q: What is your most memorable moment playing hockey?
AT: My most memorable moment would have to be playing for Team USA against Sweden in Maine and scoring my first international goal.

Q: What made you decide to continue playing hockey after college?
AT: After graduating there was never a question in my mind of whether I was going to continue playing. Hockey has always been a large part of my life and something I loved participating in. I knew I wanted to play; it was just a matter of where!

Q: What was it like playing for the USA national Hockey team?
AT: Playing for my country was an honor for me. There are no words to describe the feeling of putting your country's uniform on for the first time and representing USA. It was an experience I will never forget.

Q: If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?
AT: If I could live anywhere I would live in Rome, Italy! I would hang out at the Vatican and sip espresso all day!